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5 Critical Ways to Increase Self-Service This Black Friday

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By: Amy @SelfServiceCent Clark

We know that all businesses, online or offline, are going to experience significant sales during the upcoming Black Friday sales events. Black Friday used to mean standing in line for hours in the freezing cold waiting for the best deals. But businesses wised up and realized the impact of online Black Friday events. And with the development of e-commerce comes the continuing need to increase web self-service adoption, in order to main call-center efficiency and financial durability.

Gartner research wrote “Fuelled by customer demand, organizations are escalating their web self-service deployments as they see the cost saving and productivity benefits.”

Now with online shopping, more popular than ever, in order to keep customers happy and costs low, how can we strive to make self-service options more readily available online?

While businesses have long recognized the value of online self-service, they’ve struggled to find ways to boost user self-service adoption.

To help you achieve quality self-service options for your customers this Black Friday, here are 5 ways to increase self-service.

1. Use Explicit Calls to Action

Clarity is your main objective sometimes in guiding your customers online. In addition to your site making it easy to see the value in self-service options, use self-service to lead customers down a path toward purchasing what they want, and potentially to the path that you want them to take as well (through upselling and cross selling). Use clear and direct calls to action on your home page and throughout your site so that you can avoid confusion and delays. Be sure that you’re identifying the benefits of self-service right on your site, so that your customers are never confused or unsure of where to turn for help.

2. Design Your Self-Service Options from a Customer’s Point Of View

When you’re designing your self-service options, do so with your customers in mind. Create self-service options that are mobile and adaptable so that they can engage with you on their own terms and with their own technology. How can you identify what your customers will most benefit from in a self-service project? Consider the opinions of your contact-center team. No one is closer to the action than these folks and they’ll be able to easily identify points at which customers get fed up and give them a call.

3. Push Out Self-Service Tips Every Week

One way to help boost your company’s commitment to self-service and encourage new customers to give it a try, is to push out some advice or tips on a regular basis. You can highlight how easy it is to access self-help, or link to a video which showcases a self-help feature. Be sure to let your customers know just what you offer in advance, and use these communication opportunities to showcase any changes or improvements you’re making.

4. Use Onscreen Tools and Assistance

To help increase self-service this Black Friday you can also use real-time assistance provided by software like WalkMe. Through a series of interactive tip balloons displayed on the website itself, WalkMe helps to judge user context in determining what the necessary steps are help him/her complete the process. Furthermore, the guidance is easily visible and accessible, helping to “hold the hand” of the customer along the journey.

Customers, as a result, feel more confident to proceed without confusion or frustration online. Therefore, WalkMe not only helps to make customer care more easy and satisfying for customers, it also boost call center efficiency, while lowering customer service costs.

5. Reward Self-Service

In order to get your customers to adopt something new and untraditional perhaps, you may need to reward them for their efforts. Make self-service easier than a help desk or phone call, and you may want to reward your users in the form of free product, free trials, discounts or other incentives for changing behavior and attempting self-service tools and options.

With the wild Black Friday weekend nearly upon us, now is the time to reevaluate your self-help options in advance. Make sure you make the self-help option the easiest option, design your self-service options from a customer’s point of view, and reward your customers with incentives when they change their behavior.

In closing, I just want to share with you a nice quote. Gartner analyst Johan Jacobs says that “the future of web customer service is all about knowledge. How many suggestions the client finds when they do self-service and the accuracy of the responses depends on the richness and the depth of your knowledge management solution. Knowledge management is the core building block and the most important factor that you need to focus on when you move your interactions from phone-based to web-based. If you do not invest thoroughly and deeply in knowledge, then you might as well not go down the path of trying to remove your interactions from the phone.”

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