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Great Infographic: Connecting with the Self-Service Customer

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The future of customer connection lies in self-service models. The customers’ time is very valuable and anything that helps decrease dead time is helpful. Self-service allows customers to find solutions in their own time with less stress.

This infographic by Parature has a great collection of statistics about self-service, and how it can improve your organization. According to this infographic, 40% of consumers prefer self-service to human contact for future contact with organizations. What this means is that there is a high adoption rate for self-service for returning customers. Ideally, you can provide both self-service and traditional help centers to cover as broad of a scope as possible.

Not surprisingly, 54% of executives with mobile self-service capabilities have reported an increase in web traffic since launching online self-service. With 31% of all customer interactions occurring on the web, it is obvious that this trend will only continue to grow.




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