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Want Customers to Shop on Your Website This Holiday Season? Make It Easy For Them

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By: Amy @SelfServiceCent Clark

The holiday season is an important time for online retailers. Holiday shopping can make up a significant portion of the revenue for the year, so it’s important to have a user-friendly website.

Gartner research points out that “usability affects how customers perceive and respond to products, services and artifacts of all types, including websites and applications.”

Online presence is important not only for online retailers, but for traditional retailers as well, as consumers often engage in online research before even setting foot in a retail outlet.

If you want customers to shop your website this holiday season, it’s important to have an intuitive user experience, a strong brand presence, and good targeting. Here are seven ways to improve the user experience of your site this holiday season.

1. Ensure That Your Site Is Easily Navigated

If you want customers to get through the sales funnel, it’s important ensure that the site is easy for the user to browse, and for a search engine to understand. Make it clear where on the site the user is, and what their options are for related products and services. Searchability is key to encouraging people to visit your site, so submit a site map of your existing structure to help search engines. In addition, real-time guidance and engagement from WalkMe can increase the usability of your site.

2.  Use A/B Testing To See What Works Best

Test two different versions of your web page to see which is more appealing and most easily navigated. A/B Testing lets you see what visitors are clicking on, what is leading to conversion, and what factors might prevent customers from making it through the sales funnel. It’s best to test one variable at a time, and stick with one metric for defining success.

3.Use Appealing Images Of Products And Services

A picture is worth a thousand words, and could be worth a thousand sales! Make sure that you use photos to convey the right information and tone. Beautiful photography can incite people to buy and reinforce your brand identity. Make sure the customer can see multiple views of the product including high level views, close up detail shots, and shots from multiple angles. It’s also important to maintain consistency throughout the site.

4.  Focus on the Right Copy

In an online shopping experience, the words you use are as important as the images. Ensure that your website’s copy reflects your company’s voice, brand, and encourages sales. It’s also important to ensure cohesive copy across the website, email marketing, social media, and any other place you interact directly with your audience. A/B testing is a great place see what copy gets the best response.

5.  Use Social Media Marketing To Communicate With Consumers And Share Your Best Content

Social media can be overwhelming, but it is one of the best ways to share images and interact with your customer base. Share beautiful images of your products and services on Twitter and Facebook, and pay attention to the feedback you receive. Social Media is also an excellent way to offer customer support and interact with your user. It’s not enough to share content; you also have to respond to your customers. Social Media is a great way to see what the customer is saying about you and respond appropriately. Use Social media to measure what is and is not working for your customer base.

6. Have a Live Chat Feature

We’ve all been frustrated by the experience of wandering around a retail store looking for an employee to help us out. Live Chat is the website equivalent of an in-store employee. Giving the customer the ability to contact an employee directly adds a human experience to the online experience, which can make it more personal and more enjoyable. Live chat features are not only a great way to provide customer support, but provide an arena for casual feedback on products and services. Athletic wear giant Lululemon often uses their live chat feature as a means of getting feedbacks on new design features and suggestions for improvements. Emphasizing the human side of commerce never hurts.

7.  Build A Holiday Landing Page

As the holiday season gets closer, every major retailer has a holiday themed landing page. Creating a new landing page can be as simple as making a special product collection, calling it the “Black Friday Sale”, and adding holiday themes images. A themed landing page has three effects: It helps customers find the page though searches, the advance sale builds excitement, and the special collection format makes it easy to share. A Holiday themed page is also a great place for brand targeting.

Implementing these suggestions will ensure that the user experience on your website will be positive and strong, which will result in increased sales!

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